I offer consulting services on non-traditional security and environmental security. Upon request, I can develop in-depth analyses or develop computational simulations on the interactions between environment and society. I am also available to write tailored policy briefs, analytical briefs, and risk assessments.

Media and Publishing

I have worked for several years as a staff editor for magazines and academic journals. I held an editorial position at the Yonsei Journal of International Studies and I am currently working as editor-in-chief at Global Politics Review. A list of my peer-reviewed publications can be found at this link. Outside of academia, my writings have been featured on The Diplomat, The Policy Wire, and Novasia. Where and when I can be of help, I am open to cooperate with publishers as editor or author.

Academic Services

Peer review: I am available to review manuscripts on topics related to computational social science, political science, international relations, international security, non-traditional security, and conflict resolution. Conferences: I am open to serve as chair or moderator at conferences and panels. Contact me for more information.


I am available to organize public or private workshops on scenario planning (Shell method) for groups up to 12 individuals on topics related to international affairs, international security, and energy.